Michael Dino Hansen


B. Sc Chemical Engineering (Process) Odense University 1987 - 1990

Trained Laboratory Technician 1985 - 1987





Project Management Experience

Extensive experience as project director and manager from a number of projects within all aspects of municipal and hazardous waste management, including the management of contracts, staff allocation and definition of the content of tasks, reporting on progress and presentation of findings.


Hazardous Waste Treatment Design and Operation

Worked on a number of various hazardous incl. hospital waste and household waste management projects, providing waste management plans, waste surveys and studies, analysis of waste, legislation, transport, logistics, waste handling and correct selection of treatment process as well as conceptual and basic design including P&I diagrams, flow diagrams, etc. Has also prepared financial cost/benefit analyses


Capacity Building

Provided capacity building and increased the awareness towards waste within various organisations (ministries, inspectorates, local ad-ministration and industry).


International Legislation and Conventions

Expert with respect to Danish, European and other main international legislation and conventions such as the Basel and the Stockholm Convention


Waste Identification

Very extensive practical experience in hazardous waste identification, sampling, preparation of waste analyses, evaluation of laboratory results of analyses, etc. from detailed “in field” operational work.


Risk Analysis

Evaluation of the risk posed by hazardous waste especially related to workers safety and impact on the environment must pay a key role when undertaking hazardous waste project.


Safety Equipment

Possesses vast knowledge on the selection and use of PPE and other safety equipment/systems


Adaptation to Local Conditions

Worked intensively in a number of countries including Africa, Middle East, Eastern and Central Europe, and Asia which has provided a comprehensive knowledge of adapting to local working practices and local conditions. Have been stationed 3 years in Malaysia




2014 – Independent Consultant

Hansen Environmental Solutions (owner)


2013 – 2015

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) under the United Nations (UN)

Technical Advisor – POP’s and Obsolete Pesticides Disposal


2012 – 2014

Ramboll A/S, Denmark

Senior Waste Management Consultant

Focal point for international waste projects


2012 - Current

Technical Advisor on Obsolete Pesticides,

Food and Agriculture Organisation under the United Nations (FAO)

Project Manager and advisor for Eritrea Obsolete Pesticide Project



Senior Waste Managment Consultant, NIRAS A/S

Planning and implementing projects related to municipal and hazardous waste



Hazardous Waste Consultant, Chemcontrol A/S

Planning and implementing projects related to hazardous waste - stationed 3 years in Malaysia (Kualiti Alam Sdn. Bhd.)





Danish (mother tongue), English, German, Spanish





2013-2014Private company – Waste survey Bamako Mali

Project Manager

Acting as project manager being responsible for implementation and revision of the waste survey. The survey include on the ground collection of waste data and subsequent analysis of the current and expected future quantities, composition and calculation of calorific value.



Ethiopian Power Production Company – CCA contaminated site clean up EPPCo, Ethiopia

Project Manager Acting as project manager responsible for revision of tender document for a contract to remediate a Copper, Chrome and Arsenic contaminated site in Djibouti. The activities include excavation and construction of a new secure landfill in Ethiopia. Supervision of the remediation activities is also part of the assignment.



Eritrea Prevention and Disposal of POPs and Obsolete Pesticides

Ministry of Agriculture, Eritrea

Project Manager and Technical Advisor (FAO)

Acting as project manager and technical advisor on behalf of FAO. The support is related to implementing components related to Prevention such as introducing new pesticide legislation and Integrated Pest Management. Also the project includes a safeguarding and disposal component eliminating 290 tonne of Obsolete Pesticides. The safeguarding will be undertaken by staff from the ministry under my supervision and it is planned that the OP will be exported to Europe for final high temperature disposal.



Ethiopia Obsolete Pesticide Management Programme

CropLife International / Ministry of Agriculture, Ethiopia

Technical Advisor

Acting as technical advisor to the PMU for the African Stockpile Programme Ethiopia. The support is related to implementing the international contract for disposal of 450 tonne of obsolete pesticides. In the initial stage the assistance focus on ensuring that personnel and the environment is safe during the repackaging, shipment and disposal. Later the focus will be on supervision of the international contractor. Capacity building within the PMU is another important aspect.



Tanzania Obsolete Pesticide Management Programme

Ministry of Agriculture, Tanzania, United Republic of

Technical Advisor

Acting as technical advisor to the PMU for the African Stockpile Programme Tanzania. The support is related to implementing the international contract for disposal of 1,000 tonne of obsolete pesticides and contaminated soils. In the initial stage the assistance focus on ensuring that personnel and the environment is safe during the ministry own movement of low risk waste. Soil investigations to define polluted sites is another input. When the contractor starts to repack, ship and dispose off the materials focus will be on supervision of the international contractor. Capacity building within the PMU is another important aspect.



Croatia - Public Relations for the project County Waste Management Centre Kastijun

Assisting in undertaking Public Relations activities for the project County Waste Management Centre Kastijun



Seychelles – Disaster Preparedness Programme

Ministry of Environment, Seychelles

Lead Consultant

Lead consultant for the component related to Risk management of hazardous materials from Industry. The project assesses the risk currently posed by the chemicals stored at the industries premises. Further it provides solutions on how to manage and control any impact caused by these chemicals. A key component is the contingency plan and the related bill implementing the Seveso Directive.



Establishment of Hazardous Waste Facility.

POLCHAR Sp. Z o.o.

For a private company, I have undertaken a feasibility study for the establishment of a hazardous waste disposal facility with an incineration capacity of 10,000 tonne per year. The system is very special as it applied the combustible gasses generated from production of Carbon Black as the energy source for the hazardous waste incinerator. The assistance includes development of conceptual design and cost estimate.



Establishment of Hazardous Waste Facility.

MESS Etegre Geri Kazanim ve Enerji Sanayi ve Ticaret

For a group of companies working within the car manufacturing industry I have been acting as advisor for the establishment of a hazardous waste disposal facility with an incineration capacity of 60,000 tonnes (liquid and solid) per year. The assistance includes feasibility study, conceptual design, layout and preparation of tender documents. Also an important aspect is providing supporting information for the EIA and related public hearing.



Eritrea Obsolete Pesticide Management Programme

CropLife International / Ministry of Agriculture

Safeguarding Expert

Review of the ongoing FAO programme and assistance in preparing bidding documents for equipment required for safeguarding and training. Conducted safeguarding training for 20 ministerial staff and subsequently supervised safeguarding operation by the Ministry of Agriculture. In total 5 sites have been successfully safeguarded and around 90 tonne of obsolete pesticides brought to a safe storage in Asmara. The project is expected to move into international disposal contract in 2012




Development of Regional Waste Management Plan and Dumpsite Closure Master Plan for the Duboko Region.

Public Utility Company Duboko

The overall objective of the assignment is to facilitate the introduction of environmental methodologies that comply with EU standards, in Duboko region with the aim of promoting the use of sustainable waste management practices. The project is also aimed to serve as a model for other regions in Serbia. I have been acting as Project Director and waste planner in the project part of the assignment was to analyse the transport demand due to establishing one central landfill instead of several small local landfills.



Station Nord - Supply of waste incinerator

Danish Armed Forces, Greenland

Incineration Expert

The Danish armed forces wishes to burn the waste generated at one of their isolated stations in Greenland. I investigated the amount of waste generated, composition and based on the findings evaluated a number of possible small scale incinerators. Further I have prepared Tender Document for the purchase of the incinerator, assisted during the evaluation of tenders and provided technical clarifications. The incinerator was installed in spring 2011.



Training Workshop on FAO OP Tool Kit

CropLife International, South Africa

Workshop Facilitator

The workshop focused on usage of the by FAO developed tool kit for risk assessment of site and chemicals and the selection of proper use of safety equipment and handling equipment. The training was provided to members of the Africa Stockpile Programme (management of obsolete pesticides)



SOVJAK hazardous waste dump

Private Company, Croatia

Hazardous waste expert

Fact finding mission in relation to investigation of the potential disposal option for the more than 100,000 m3 waste within the SOVJAK site in Viskovo municipality



Country environmental and social assessment (CESA) and environmental management plan (EMP) for OP

Ministry of Environment, Tanzania, United Republic of

Safeguarding Expert

The CESA shall analyse the inter-relationship between the human and physical geography of the country and the locations where obsolete pesticides and associated contaminated materials are found. Further an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) according to Section 5 of CESA shall be prepared. I assisted in developing the overall safeguarding and disposal strategy.



Preparation of solid waste management measures in Stara Zagora, Lukovit and Kostenetz Regions,

Waste Planner

The project aims at providing a catalogue of activities which can be implemented by the regions. I provided assistance towards development of waste management plans and strategies, cost estimated and implementation plans.



Nigeria African Stockpile Programme

Ministry of Environment, Nigeria

Technical Advisor

Advisor to the PMU established in Nigeria under the World Bank ASP programme. Assisting in conducting the inventory and entry of data to the PSMS system. Also guidance on emergency safeguarding of obsolete pesticides stockpile in the country according to FAO recommendations and procedures was undertaken. The assistance involved training of inventory crew in relation to safety aspects; providing recommendations for temporary storages and general execution of the local input.



Removal of PCB Phase 2

Nordic Development Bank / ZCCM, Zambia

Project manager

The Nordic Development Bank has provided assistance to ZCCM allowing them to complete the PCB clean up Kalulushi and Kabwe sites. In the project I acted as Project Manager and was in charge of all activities related to the remediation project, including site investigations, repackaging operations, international transport and final disposal. In total 140 tonnes of PCB contaminated material was excavated, repacked, shipped by truck and ship and disposed off by high temperature incineration at Kommunekemi the hazardous waste disposal facility of Denmark. An additional service of dismantling and disposal of PCB from a number of old transformers at NKANA mine was awarded. The liquid PCB and all contaminated materials except the cleaned metal was also send to Denmark for disposal.



Detailed Design of Waste Management Center and Remediation of old Landfills

Ministry of Environment and Waters, Bulgaria

Project Director

Detailed tender documentation for the Regional Waste Management Centre. The tender documents were prepared according to FIDIC red book (Construction) and yellow book (Plant, Design & Build). The installation comply with all EU regulations on Landfill design. The assistance is provided as long term resident Technical Assistance.



Disposal of Obsolete Pesticides and PCB’s

Ministry of Environment, Moldova, Republic of

Disposal supervisor

The project (World Bank financed) provides supervision of an International Works contractor during the clean-up operations and disposal of OP and PCB. The project is undertaken in co-operation with the local Governmental Project Management Team and includes 9 Site Visits in Moldova, training and monitoring of local supervision consultant (including preparation of supervision manual), monitoring of Works Contractor performance during field works including contract management. Also a plan for remediation of an old PCB oil contaminated dump pit was prepared. I assisted the project manager and especially was responsible for checking that the disposal operations are in accordance with EU regulations, this included site inspections at the incineration installations in France



National Waste Policy

UNOPS / Ministry of Environment, Maldives

Waste Planner

For the Ministry of Energy, Environment & Water I have provided the service of waste expert for developing a plan for waste management on Maldives. The plan shall cover all aspects of waste including hazardous waste and health care waste. The plan was customised to suit the small quantities generated and the special conditions due to the large number of scattered island. The activities include a waste survey, feasibility study, financial analysis and a study on the possibility of “Private Sector Participation” in implementing the plan.



Hazardous Waste Management Plan

Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources, Cyprus

Hazardous waste expert

Developing a plan for hazardous waste management on Cyprus. The plan was customised to suit the small quantities generated on the island. The activities include a waste survey, feasibility study, technical specifications and tender documents, financial analysis and a Public Private Partnership (PPP) component. One component in the project was to investigate the inclusion of an existing hospital waste incinerator in the overall system.



Feasibility Study for Hazardous Waste Incinerator

HALLA Engineering, Viet Nam

Hazardous waste expert

Preparation of a feasibility study for an incineration facility for Hanoi. The study includes a review of the legislation and environmental standards related to the installation of the incinerator.

Also the study included to provide advice on waste quantities of hazardous waste and hospital waste, disposal technologies and technical specifications



Optimisation of the national information system on waste

UNOPS, Bulgaria

Project manager / Hzardous Waste Expert

Detailed review of whether the information collected by the existing system fulfils the requirements of the EU regulation. Through this work a very in depth knowledge regarding EU legislation and reporting requirements was obtained. Based on the findings a number of modifications to the existing legislation were suggested



Environmental components facilitating the ISPA approval of National Hazardous Waste centre including hazardous waste in household waste

DANCEE, Bulgaria

Project Manager / Hazardous waste expert

The project contains two key elements, assistance to the Ministry of Environment and Waters related to the ISPA application for establishment of the NHWMC, providing the MoEW with proposals on how to manage (collect and dispose) hazardous waste which is collected as part of the household waste hereby considering the Bulgarian conditions



Waste management on Mauritius

Ministry of Local Gov. Of Mauritius & Rodrigues, Mauritius

Hazardous waste expert

The project contains preparation of a plan on how to manage waste on Mauritius. The task involved review of the environmental legislation, conduction of a waste survey, description of a system to handle the waste and input to financial analysis. As no environmental standards were available the design was based on World bank standards for non or partly developed countries.



Front End Engineering design for a BeAAH Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility

TAKREER – United Arab Emirates Oil Company, United Arab Emirates

Team Leader / Hazardous waste expert

Chemcontrol together with a German company has prepared tender documents for a treatment centre capable of handling and treating hazardous waste collected from 19 companies within the associated oil companies. The project included a review of the waste data, site selection, preparation of an EIA concluding in design ad preparation of tender documents. The treatment centre comprised: reception facilities, PCT treatment plant, incineration plant, solidification plant, and secure landfill.



ISPA application for establishing a national hazardous waste centre in Bulgaria.

ISPA, Bulgaria

Project Manager / Hazardous waste expert

For the Ministry of Environment and Water I acted as project manager for preparing an ISPA application including approximation of legislation, waste survey and feasibility study, design and compilation of tender documents for a comprehensive national treatment centre. I was the key facilitator through all stages of the project from approximation of the legislation, waste survey, feasibility studies, through basis design and financial analysis to preparation of tender documents.



Disposal of PCB

World Bank, Kazakhstan

Hazardous waste expert

Survey of PCB oil in transformers at steel works. Technical assistance in development of a plan for handling and emptying procedures



Estonian Hazardous waste management plan

DANCEE, Estonia

Project Manager / Hazardous waste expert

Preparation of tender documents for laboratory equipment for the central laboratory and preparation of database programme for entry of hazardous waste data. My involvement included contract negotiations and installation of equipment and instruments for the laboratory part. In the database part, I was responsible for the overall structure of the system and that it fulfilled the demands in local and EU legislation.



Integrated Programme of Hazardous waste management in the South Region of Poland

DANCEE, Poland

Project Manager / Hazardous waste expert

Assistance in the implementation of a complete hazardous waste management system in the south regional of Poland. The project phases include institutional building, waste survey and design of collection systems. Existing disposal facilities have been reviewed and the requirement for upgrading of these facilities to EU standards has been assessed.



Malaysian Integrated Scheduled Waste Collection, Treatment and Disposal

DANCED, Malaysia

Hazardous waste expert

I was part of the Construction Supervision team for erection of 35,000 ton/y incinerator & flue gas cleaning, reception & storage facilities and landfill. After construction had been completed I provided capacity building to the laboratory, waste reception and treatment section including transport aspects (ADR), sampling and analysis of hazardous waste, development of action plan and recommendations for handling and treatment of hazardous waste – waste evaluating manuel. Further I assisted in incorporating environmental standards and hazardous waste legislation



Implementation of Risk Management System at Kommunekemi A/S

Project engineer

Assisted in implementing a comprehensive risk and environmental management system at Kommunekemi the hazardous waste disposal facility of Denmark. The system is based on Bureau Det Norske Veritas (DNV) standards. In the process I prepared documentation of the installations and describing in detail the various work operations.



In Pulp Detoxification of Contaminated Solids (IPDOCS).

EURECA, Denmark, United Kingdom

Research engineer

Responsible for developing methods for cleaning soils contaminated with heavy metal.






Lessons Learnt from Obsolete Pesticides Projects in Africa

12th International HCH and Pesticides Forum, Kiev



Trends in Transition of Danish Waste Management System towards Increased Recovery of Resources

12th International Symposium on Waste Management Zagreb



Development of an integrated hazardous waste management system for Cyprus

1st International Conference on Hazardous Waste Management Crete, Greece.




8th International HCH and Pesticides Forum for Central European and Eastern European, Caucasus and Central Asia Countries – Sofia, Bulgaria





Association of Danish Engineers (Environment, Hazardous Waste)

International HCH and Pesticide Association


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