Hansen Environmental Solutions is a newly established consultancy company which utilises the expertise and know-how gathered through the design, construction and operation of one of the world’s first fully integrated hazardous waste management system Kommunekemi A/S (now NORD A/S) as well as implementation of municipal waste management projects world-wide


The owner of Hansen Environmental Solutions Mr. Hansen have for more than 23 years worked in the hazardous waste management consultancy business. First at Chemcontrol (the engineering company of Kommunekemi) and later for NIRAS and Ramboll - some of Denmark’s largest consultancy companies which also offer advice on municipal waste.







Assignments have been undertaken for clients all over Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, South America, Australia, Africa and Asia. Most projects have been funded by the World Bank, FAO, the EU PHARE programme, the Danish EPA, DANIDA as well as different national governmental bodies and private enterprises.


Hansen Environmental Solutions offer in cooperation with its network a unique blend of expertise that incorporates the broad experience of engineering consultants, specialist expertise of designers and engineers, environmental management expertise, research and development, training and education within the field of hazardous waste management, handling, and transport as well as secondment of operators of chemical waste treatment plants.


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